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Outstanding vocal range and control…Delmar swings down to her fingertips.

Alyn Shipton

…makes the art of swinging a tune seem effortless…

 (her) glowing, cello-like phrases…are as seductive as ever.

Clive Davis

Elaine Delmar truly defines the word class...

Humphrey Lyttelton, BBC Radio 2

Among the multitude of good jazz singers in Britain today, there is not one who can surpass Elaine Delmar.
Dave Gelly, The Observer


A remarkable talent, a deliciously mellow jazz sound that shimmers with clarity and resonance...Delmar’s vocals capture the heart and soul of the lyric.

Paul Vale, The Stage 


Her style is a mixture of Broadway musical punch and jazz-inflected subtlety. She has the belting defiance of a torch singer at times and the knowing raised eyebrow rasp of a blues artist, but also a hushed, confiding intimacy where it is appropriate, it is a blend that invites the widest possible audience.

John Fordham, The Guardian

Ageless, evergreen beautiful and talented as ever...she's marvellous!

Michael Parkinson, BBC Radio 2

...Spun gold from her voice floated over the room, and then she would power up with a mighty passion... 

Donna McKechnie

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